About Lamont Dance + Theatre

Established in the year 2000 our studio continues to provide a family atmosphere that encourages self-expression and enjoyment in dance and theatre. Students are taught at a level appropriate to their individual potential and ability.

Todays dancer is required to be a triple threat; Dancer, Singer and Actor to be successful. Having a diverse training in all genres allows students greater success in an ever changing industry. Lamont has evolved due to these demands and has introduced a wider and varied selection of the arts to suit and cater the individual student.


Lamont employees are friendly, qualified and professional teachers who provide continuing support to students. We strive to increase each student’s confidence and personal progress via the development of co-ordination, motor skills, creativity, self expression and musicality. Aryana and her staff have a dedicated interest in supporting, nurturing and personalising each individual student with their ambitions and dreams.

Aryana Lamont ARAD
Natalie Sinclair ARAD
Elle Young
Katja Davis-Raiss
Zoe Brown
Adele Kahler
Suzanne Way
Erica Stubbs
Georgia Etherington


Mandy Carnie
Demi Bogg
Rachel Beck
Natasha Kavanagh


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