Petite Dancers

Commencing dance at Lamont with Little petit's is a positive and a great start to your child's experience in dance. Teachers of Lamont are nurturing and classes have a lovely and warm family atmosphere.

Classes for Petits - 2 to 6 year old children

We have wonderful programs for all children to start learning and create a great foundation in dance, singing and acting. Lamont staff and studio provides a relaxed family atmosphere that encourages self expression and enjoyment in their chosen craft.

Petit Mum’s and Bub’s - 30mins

A great class for all little ones to start. Mum’s interact with their little ones assisting them with movement and direction. Keeping it fun and ensuring petits are relaxed in the Lamont studio environment.

Petit Ballet - 30mins

Ballet for our Petit Ballerinas and Petit Prince’s first begins with an adventure to a magical land. Using imagery and props petits are taught direction, co-ordination, basic ballet and rhythm using their imagination. From age 4 students commence the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabi - Petit Primary - while keeping the class fun, and with a zap of magic.

Petit Jazz - 30mins

Jazz students learn movement, dance and a little bit of singing. Keeping to the beat and energy of their favourite songs. Music used is age appropriate and High 5 is a favourite to dance to. Props are shook and tapped developing coordination, musicality and rhythm skills.

Petit Tapper - 30mins

Basic Tap movements and an introduction to rhythm and motor skills. Petits Tap away, keeping up with the upbeat tempo of the music.

Contact us for more information and enrollment details.

Lamont Dance Theatre

74 Old Barrenjoey Road,

Avalon NSW 2107

P   +61 2 9918 7304


All 30 minute classes cost $13.50 per class.

Total cost for term is dependant on term length and must be paid in full at the commencement of each term.

Parents Watching and Concerts

Parents are always welcome on their little ones first lessons and often they need settling in. However we do encourage parents to sit in the waiting room once the class has moved along and students then need to focus on the teachers instructions. Parents are then permitted to watch the last lesson in Term 1. At the conclusion of Term 2 we have our annual Open Day. We encourage Parents, Grandparents and Friends to come along and enjoy the day. Term 3 and 4 we are working toward the annual Junior production. This is an exciting time for the Petit Performers as it is often their first time on stage. Our show is held locally and has an intimate atmosphere for both the parents and performers. Often the show has a fun story that the Petits can understand and follow.


Students are required to wear the Lamont Uniform. Most little students feel comfortable and confident when they look the same as everyone else. They love having a feeling of belonging and with a little glitter on their uniform we have no complaints. All Lamont uniforms can be purchased from our online store.